Panthera Group delivers 1,000 survival bags to 29 Bangkok slums hit by COVID

Panthera Group delivered 1,000 survival bags to 29 slum communities in Bangkok’s Thung Khru District devastated by Thailand’s coronavirus pandemic.

Panthera executives, joined by charity partners the Kiiran Shanker Foundation and Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park, presented the 10,000 kilograms of food and necessities to Thung Khru District Chief Thanachit Chutikarn at Wat Thung Khru on June 21.

The donation, valued at 500,000 baht,  will help feed people in need, the sick and those with disabilities in the slum neighborhoods who have been left jobless by the pandemic or fallen ill themselves with Covid-19.

“Bangkok has more than one poor area. Klong Toei has many foundations and charities supporting it. But other poor areas are feeling overlooked,” wrote Panthera Group co-founder Paul Hayward on his Facebook page.

Pongpat Preiamsawat, president of the district’s Chom Sap Community, said there are about 1,000 households in trouble in the district.

“I can tell you there is a lot of trouble. In each house there are elderly people, bedridden patients or poor people. It’s hard to see from the outside how traumatized by Covid-19 everyone is.”

Panthera’s donation, Pongpat said, gave everyone “a happy feeling that there are still people who give a little something, a little encouragement to those with difficulties. It feels good that there are still people willing to give necessities during these times.”

Kiiran Care Foundation has been organizing monthly food donations offering about 300 food bags each time. Panthera Group’s support allowed for donations of 1,000 survival bags.

“We have no words to describe the good that Paul and Panthera have done for these communities,” said Shivam Shanker. “These donations started due Covid-19 and as the number of cases increased, people are losing their jobs. They have no food to eat and, living in slums, it’s hard to find something to put in their tummies.”

“Food is an essential commodity without which survival is not possible, Kiiran Shanker wrote on her Facebook page. “Feeding someone in need is an act of kindness and humanity that cannot be expressed with words. We thank Panthera Group and Jurassic Mountain Resort for their donation.

“We know that it will not solve their hunger problem but will bring huge relief to them and keep their faith in humanity alive.