Paul Hayward and Michael Doherty renew charity in Bangkok

Paul Hayward and Micky Doherty,  Co-founders of Panthera Group, one of Thailand and Asia’s largest and most successful entertainment groups, have announced their renewed sponsorship of the Rotary Club Bangkok South.

The Rotary Club of Bangkok South received its charter on the 7th of August 1961. It is one of the oldest Rotary clubs in Thailand and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011.  The Club membership fluctuates between 100-120 people from around 20 countries, making RCBS one of the largest and most diverse Rotary Clubs in Thailand.

RCBS raises millions of Baht every year to help poor communities in Thailand. Funds are used to provide clean drinking water to schools and villages, hospital equipment, student scholarships and Polio vaccinations, amongst many other worthy causes.

Panthera Group has been a sponsor of the RCBS for four years and, as Micky Doherty was keen to point out, “Every Baht raised goes directly to the underprivileged that RCBS supports.  All the fundraising is voluntary – there are no paid staff – with members giving up their time to bring relief to less fortunate communities throughout the country”.

Paul Hayward continues, “The volunteers of RCBS are the best kind of people with the time they give and the incredible work they do, and it is a privilege for Panthera to be associated with and support such active charity fundraising.”

The highlight of the fundraising year for RCBS is ‘Coins on Silom’.  During this unique day-long event a broad strip of 3M red cloth tape is laid along the sidewalk on both sides of Silom Road in Bangkok.  Rotarians and other volunteers accept donations from the general public and each donor is invited to place a symbolic ‘coin’ (actually a sticker), bearing the logo of one of the platinum sponsors, on the tape to symbolize their contribution.  Last year over B230,000 (US$7,600) was raised on the day and Panthera Group is proud to have been a Platinum Sponsor of this event for the last few years and will continue its sponsorship.

The Rotary Club of Bangkok South is one of several charitable organizations that Panthera supports.  Micky Doherty says this is only the beginning, “As Panthera Group expands throughout Thailand and abroad we already bring jobs and prosperity to local communities.  But we also need to provide for the less fortunate in those communities and we will continue to increase our charitable donations either directly or through organizations like RCB”