Michael Grundy new CEO

michael Grundy new CEO

Michael Grundy New CEO

The popular decision to appoint Michael Grundy as the new CEO of Panthera Group has been well-received by everyone at the company. With his extensive experience in the hospitality and cannabis industries, Grundy is a well-respected and admired figure within Panthera Group.  As a long-standing member of the company, Grundy has proven his dedication to the success and growth of the business.


Having started as the manager of the Kiwi Pub & Grill in Bangkok, Grundy quickly rose through the ranks, managing other popular venues such as Bangkok Beat. His hands-on management approach and commitment to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in the success of these establishments. Moreover, Grundy’s expertise extends beyond managing nightclubs; he possesses a comprehensive understanding of various areas such as costing, point of sale, human resources, purchasing, inventory control, and security.


Grundy’s achievements within Panthera Group are not limited to the hospitality industry. In 2022, he spearheaded the company’s expansion into the cannabis sector, successfully opening 18 diversified businesses, including indoor farms and an extraction facility. This growth has been remarkable, and Grundy’s leadership has played a pivotal role in its success.


The appointment of Michael Grundy as the new CEO of Panthera Group is seen as a positive development within the company. His experience, dedication, and proven track record make him an ideal candidate for this role. As the company moves forward, Grundy’s leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of Panthera Group.