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Clear Reasons to join Panthera group


The Panthera group depends on its employees’ personal, professional, and social strengths. They are the soul of our business and the driving force of our success. So you can rely on us to support you and help you develop.

Panthera Group encourages personal growth and offers a clear career path. As we believe in taking a collaborative approach, each employee can improve their skills and have the flexibility to work in different parts of the organisation.


Panthera group believes that all our employees be rewarded for continuity of service and that staff should be recognised and rewarded for their commitment and loyalty. We created a guaranteed pay increase structure (5 years) so employees can plan their financial futures for themselves and their families.


Panthera group operates Thailand’s most prestigious food & beverage and nightlife brands, dominating the entertainment landscape for over 17 years.

As part of the Panthera Group family, you will gain valuable experience while being part of a dynamic team.



Whatever your career choice with Panthera Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring all our employees receive initial job training and are also part of an ongoing training program to ensure you are always equipped to be the best you can be in the job role you choose.

Reasons to join Panthera if you are an Ex-pat



For expat relocations, accommodation costs comprise the most significant portion of living expenses whilst living abroad. Panthera group understands the challenges and financial constraints many expats face daily, and our expat recruitment package offers the opportunity to receive contributions to their housing costs. Panthera’s dedicated human resources team will help expats settle into their new environment by ensuring they receive the proper housing benefit.

Panthera Group believes “health needs and well-being should be one of Panthera’s corporate goals”. The hospitality job market is competitive and Panthera Group is extremely proud to go beyond a mere pay packet to offer these benefits to all expats.


Healthcare is extremely expensive and can cost an employee tens of thousands of baht per day should they be hospitalised.

Panthera group understands that healthcare benefits can go a long way in attracting and retaining talented and skilled staff. That’s why Panthera Group offers corporate health insurance to all its expatriate employees.


Under Thai immigration laws, no non-citizen is allowed to work in the Kingdom without obtaining a work permit and business visa. Due to the complexities of obtaining these documents, Panthera Group established a dedicated team to facilitate the immigration process for non-Thais, helping them to apply for work permits and proper visas.



Panthera Group believes in sharing its success and rewarding its employees for their hard work to make the company a success. This is why Panthera Group offers discount privileges and complementary products to all expats working for Panthera Group.
These privileges can be used across the group’s multiple outlets helping to reduce living costs.