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Traditional French roasting
Rotisserie Organic Chicken

Birds’ chefs follow the traditional French roasting philosophy that infuses the flavour of the fresh, organic chicken into the entire meal.

The hens are marinated in a special recipe of herbs and then rotated on a spit above a bed of fresh, organic potatoes. Both are roasted slowly with direct heat to allow the succulent juices to drip onto the vegetables.

The result is meat so juicy and soft that you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t follow the French recipe.

Birds’ mission is to deliver a healthy menu using top-quality ingredients where chefs select only organically raised chickens from Sukhothai that have never seen a cage. The local farms allow chickens to roam freely without preservatives, antibiotics, or added hormones.

Absolutely No Compromise
Organic Vegetables and Homemade Sauces!

Birds Rotisserie food

Organic vegetables from Chiang Mai farms are used to make tasty side dishes and salads. And Birds only uses eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging for delivery, limiting the use of plastic to the bare minimum out of care for customers and the environment.

Chicken is served with hand-crafted sauces, including Maple Mustard and Angry Birds, and side dishes.

Homemade chicken burgers are also available with Birds’ signature French buns freshly baked daily. Various healthy salads, snacks, and desserts are also available.

A short walk from the famous Soi Cowboy,  Terminal 21 shopping mall, and BTS/MRT stations, Birds is located in the Whisgars, Craft complex on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

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