OG Canna Celebrates One Year Legal Cannabis with Big Discounts and Giveaways

OG Canna Celebrates One Year Legal Cannabis

In a revolutionary move,  Thailand, redefined history a year ago and became the first country in Asia to usher in an age of liberty and enlightenment by legalizing cannabis.

Bangkok celebrates one year legal cannabis

Inside Wonderland Cannabis store on Sukhumvit Soi 5

As we gear up to celebrate this monumental milestone.  Join us at any of our five  OG Canna cannabis dispensaries – Cloud Nine, Kush House, Mary Jane, Wonderland, and Lucky Luke’s Tiki Joint.
And what’s a party without gifts? On June 9th, every OG Canna dispensary will be bursting with mega discounts on our entire range of products! So, whether you’re in the mood to float on Cloud Nine, seeking the snug warmth of the Kush House, craving the tranquil vibes of Mary Jane, yearning for a trip through Wonderland, or longing to chill at Lucky Luke’s Tiki Joint, we’ve got your celebration covered.


happy legal cannabis anniversary

This past year has been nothing short of remarkable. With the legalization of cannabis, Thailand welcomed an era of unprecedented creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial zeal. It wasn’t just about lighting up joints; it was about igniting minds, sparking conversations, and fostering a community of educated and enlightened individuals.

This bold move has also stimulated our economy in ways we could only dream of. The cannabis industry has served as a catalyst for job creation and local economic development.


Stores getting ready for 9th of June Celebration

As we reach this one-year milestone, it’s essential to remember that our journey is about more than just cannabis. It’s about dismantling barriers, adopting new paradigms, and cultivating wellness and joy.

Join us on June 9th as we mark this exceptional anniversary.

The legalizing of cannabis wasn’t just a single historic event, but the beginning of an extraordinary journey. As we commemorate this first year, let’s look forward to the many more to come, each one promising exciting adventures and opportunities for us all.
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OG Canna Celebrates One Year Legal Cannabis!