Sugar Club Phuket

Business type

Hip Hop Nightclub

Open since



700 pax

Sugar Club Phuket is the freshest & only international-standard Hip Hop venue in Phuket, and remains dedicated to Hip Hop music 365 days a year, boldly wearing the slogan: We Own Hip Hop.
Sugar has breached the market from the top, punching in at global weight with a state-of-the-art venue that would be as sensational in Hollywood as it is in Phuket, featuring the biggest international Hip Hop artists, backed up by the best local talent and supported by world-class hospitality & stage entertainment.

Showcasing the finest aspects of the nightlife industry’s most thriving sector, and boasting external LED display panels over 350 sqm directly facing Bangla Road, Sugar has purposefully cornered-off pole-position in the Phuket nightlife scene, and is ideally placed to expand as a phenomenon within the city’s clubbing landscape.